Thursday, October 02, 2008

Iowa Announcement


Because we have been unable to get more drivers, at the current time we will only be taking one van. If we can get more drivers approved (they must be either over 25 or a SBU graduate student and in either case have a good driving record), we will take two vans.

This is a problem since we have more people wanting to go than can fit in a van. So, rather than raise prices (which the economist in me knows is what we should do), we will limit those who can go. The pecking order will be those who went in July get first priority, leaders who have been to at least two of this semesters events and helped plan the events get second priority, and then it will be on a first come first serve basis.

Cost of the trip will be $100 and will include transportation and food while in Iowa. For a list of what to take consider this post from many trips ago, but still works. Two additions: pack as light as possible and please use soft bags (gym bags go under seats, suitcases do not.

btw we did look into taking a bus but HODR can not handle that many volunteers currently due to changing nature of work and the large number of volunteers already there.

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