Monday, October 06, 2008

Reflections on Local day from Kim and Villa Maria

Kim led a group of Villa Maria volunteers down to our local service day this past Saturday. Here is what they had to say about the day:

"Thanks again for inviting us to join you for the local service day on
October 4. The Villa group had a great day, and came back with good
memories, sore muscles, and one extra passenger
(more on that below!) A few thoughts/stories to share.

One of our students, Julia, chose to work at West Clarksville.
When we all got together before mass, I asked her why she decided to go
there, and she shared that her family had a house fire one month before
Mark. She sustained burns to her hands, and her family lost nearly
everything. Julie said that working at Mark's house was as helpful to her
as it was to him.

*Three members of our group (Pat, Lauren, and Alison) went to the
SPCA, and loved the experience. One student, Pat, brought home a
four-legged souvenir- a Shih-tzu!

* Two of our students, Jamila and Angelina, went into the Olean
streets to paint signs. They really enjoyed the day, meeting new people,
and working outdoors on a beautiful day.

* Five of us (Jessica, Laurie, Lloyd, Don, and I) worked in Bob's
woods. Loved being outdoors, and we got a lot done- filling holes, clearing
trails, digging out tree stumps. In the afternoon, we trail blazed a new
trail.considered Lloyd's idea that perhaps some BR goat volunteers would be
helpful, but the job of cleaning up after them might make their help a bit
less inviting! Jen was a great leader, and we had fun!

I've already had some of our group express a desire to come there
again to help. If you have any other local days planned, even at just a few
sites, let me know. We may come down with a small group to help..

Again THANK YOU from all of us. for the invitation, the hospitality,
and letting us join the BonaResponds family. We are looking forward to the
spring Buffalo Service day. Plan on using Villa for a meeting place before
and after the work day."

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