Thursday, October 02, 2008

Story from the OTH

Jim Mahar responds as alumnus, professor and relief organizer:
"Since 2005, BonaResponds has made six more trips to the Gulf Coast and trips to six other FEMA disaster sites, Mahar said. The group, funded primarily by donations, has provided relief in Enterprise, Ala., and Buffalo, N.Y.

Mahar said he remembered a saying from Biloxi that would influence him and the group’s spectrum of service.

“Just because we go home doesn’t mean we have to forget.”
Uh, technically the saying was "take that magical feeling home with you. There are humane societies that need help, there are poor people who need help. You do not need to travel to Biloxi to do good." ---or something like that, was said by a volunteer from TN in late December 2005 or early January 2006 at an all-hands meeting in at the then Hands on USA.
"Mahar said the saying inspired him to steer BonaResponds to the community he grew up in. The group has performed service throughout the Olean area, volunteering at the SPCA, serving food at homeless shelters and building homes."
It is one of a series of article on SBU alumni in the Local paper to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the University.

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