Saturday, October 18, 2008

A thank you from a Cedar Rapids resident

We received the following letter which will be included in its entirety:

Dear Bona Responds Volunteers,

We send you more greetings, thanks and appreciation from a weary but determined Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Sunday afternoon we did what we have done in so many free moments since June 11th. The two of us served in some volunteer capacity around our city, then drove through the battered neighborhoods.

Yesterday we drove by the house owned by our friend Joyce—and there were all these helpful people in masks, and two St. Bonaventure vans parked on the street. Knowing little about your school but seeing such obvious volunteer spirit, we stopped by to see how the house was looking. (My wife, Mary, Joyce and others worked on this same house a few days ago to begin the recovery.)

What we found was a GREAT DEAL of progress. It was so welcome a sight, work on one more house on one more block of 1,300 ravaged blocks of our city. We also found this humble but gracious spirit, such lovely people who gave up a college break to help us. Young people, faculty, people who cared so much, gave us so much.

I was overcome with emotion in that dusty, noisy moment at the curb. I am becoming so even now in typing these words. Please accept one more grateful THANK YOU from Iowans-- to you, the Empire State Angels who have demonstrated their faith and hopeful helpfulness to former strangers who are now appreciative neighbors.

With Grateful Thanks,

Steve C.

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