Monday, October 06, 2008

A Thank you from the SPCA and Cuba Job report

A thank you from the Cattaraugus county SPCA that can also serve as a site report :)
"thanks again for sending students to the SPCA this past Saturday. They got a lot of work done in the hours they were here including: Feeding newborn kittens, stacking tons of washed blankets used as beds in the kennels, Walking lots of dogs (the dogs really enjoyed the day!), cleaning feed and water bowls, and prepping outside kennels for painting (they had to be bleached and scrubbed). The team worked enthusiastically and were a pleasure to be with. One of the visiting students from Villa actually adopted a dog from us that day.

The Bonaresponds team is the greatest!!"

Kindest regards,


Pat led a small team to Cuba to paint the patio of the woman who on welcome day (August 23rd) had her garage painted.
"For the October 4th local service day, four of us –I, my father, and two Villa Maria students- finished up a project started by BonaResponds on August 23rd. The work for this most recent service day was to sand and repaint an elderly woman’s patio. This job for us was rather mundane; however, to her, there was nothing mundane about it. The woman we helped can only get around with great difficulty and recently has been in and out of the hospital. Despite this, she helped us out as much as possible, giving us all the supplies we needed to finish the job.

Ideally, her patio will need a second coat. However, our work significantly improved its appearance, and it will preserve her deck for this winter. Most importantly, though, was the elderly woman’s gratitude for what we did that day. "

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