Wednesday, December 17, 2008

From the Disaster Response team at the Church of Christ

This was from last week but...
"We're looking forward to you all being here!

We're still working on the same type of projects. We still have some gut out jobs, and a lot of drywall jobs. We are also still distributing supplies here at the community center if anyone is interested in helping here. We are also always in need of people to help input data into the computer.

So far only six [now of 25 so get signing up if you have not!!] Please make sure that all that are coming sign up right away, we have others wanting to come the same time period and we only have a certain amount of space. I've put the others on a waiting list. Please try to make sure that everyone coming registers by Dec. 20.

They will want to bring long pants and hard soled shoes to work in. Also the weather here has been crazy. The high today was 39 with rain, sleet and snow this evening. Yesterday it was 76. Tomorrow it's to be in the 50's and Friday in the 60's. So they should be prepared with different types of clothing.

We have air mattresses available, towels are also available so they really only need to bring a pillow, sleeping bag, toiletries and clothes. This is all in the email they receive as well.

here is a form that all people going on the trip must fill out:

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