Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Letter to all Bridge City participants

I just sent the following to all going to Bridge City. It dawned on me however, that maybe more would go if they saw it as well. So in it's entirety with only very minor changes:


Thank you all for volunteering! We are up to about 25 volunteers going to Bridge City Texas. I am very pleased with this number given total lack of news (the election and the economy have taken all news time), the economy, and the fact that you are giving up your break time.

From the first trip to Biloxi immediately after Katrina to our recent trip to Iowa, BonaResponds volunteers have set a very high standard. I trust and expect this trip to be no different.

It was very impressive on the first trip when we first got there the other volunteers all sort of snickered when they saw a team of college students (mainly girls) and a bald finance professor come in. But by the end of the trip the same volunteers were so impressed with the work that we had several people offer to pay for us to stay longer. That is what I want again this trip.

Sure it will be fun. But please remember we are there to get people back in their homes. Over break, on Christmas or just whenever you get a second, consider what it would be like if you could not live in your home for the past 4 months with no sure timeline for you to get back in. That is what the people of Bridge City are facing. The more work we do the sooner they get back in their homes. We owe it to them to get them back in soon.

You are all leaders or you would not be coming on this trip. When we are there, act like it. Be the change. If something needs doing, do it. If someone needs a hand, be there to help.

While the work we accomplish is important, often times on these trips the most important thing we do is just to be there to listen. To work with the people affected. Remember that. Listen to their stories.

It will be a great trip. I have no idea of what to expect. But be flexible. No matter how much we plan things will change. We may end up doing dishes or doing drywall. But in either case we will be helping get the people back in their homes. And that is the best Christmas present they can get.

Ok, administrative stuff...VERY important:

We are still working out logistics on van etc which will no doubt be a challenge, but we will get it.
the direct link to the form for airport rides is available here:

I heard from Laura at the the Church of Christ Disaster Response team....many of you still have not signed up there. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do so ASAP.
the link to sign up with the Church of Christ group is here:

also their blog is here for more info.

We have VERY few permission slips etc yet as well. Given the university mail system basically shuts down around the holidays, it may be best to either email or be absolutely sure you bring them with you. I need them before you can do any work there.

for this and MUCH more see the blog entries for Bridge City at:

thanks! Have a great Christmas. Be sure to continue to watch the blog for updates and news.

See you soon!


PS if you know of someone who is not on this list but is going, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND FORWARD THIS TO THAT PERSON!!! "

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