Thursday, December 11, 2008

On-going local community service

BonaResponds gets most of the publicity for its trips and large local days, but we also run several on going events. For instance currently we are working with the Allegany Park and Shop (yeah two organizations close to my heart) to help feed the poor and help the animals at the SPCA.

In the best economic times, some people need a hand, but with the economy bad even more help is needed. Unfortunately it is when the help is often least forthcoming. So if we all do a little, things will be ok.

It is in that spirit that BonaResponds and the Allegany Park and Shop have teamed up to run collections to help the local community. All you have to do is to drop the items off at the collection boxes at the front of the store and BonaResponds will make sure the donations get to their proper spots.

1. Food for the Olean Food Pantry. Need I say any more. Direct food to those in need. (future collections will go to the Warming House and other local groups as well).

2. Pet food, towels, sheets, laundry soap, and cleaning supplies for the Cattaraugus County SPCA. The next delivery is planned for this Saturday so if you could drop off your items before

3. Change the world! Instead of having to empty your pockets of change before bed, donate your loose change to BonaResponds and help Change the world!

There is a small collection bucket at the service desk of the Allegany Park and Shop. Money collected goes directly to help fund BonaResponds (and it is used before any fees etc so 100% goes directly to help).

How do such small donations matter? They add up! For instance in the fall we had two local service days where all volunteers were fed from these small change donations.

This is being cross-posted on both the BonaResponds blog and the Park and Shop blog.

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