Friday, December 19, 2008

Progress update from Friendship

Hallway almost drywalled
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Uploaded some pictures from Ed and Donna's over in Friendship.

Things are coming along well. A lack of volunteers has slowed progress, but every day is that much closer to getting them out of their 24 foot camper and into their new house!

The current plan is to have half the house livable before the New Years. Right now we have the drywall hung in the bathroom, the hallway, and the back laundry room. It still has to be mudded etc.

Next will be to do the ceiling in the bedroom. The walls of the bedroom will be boarded/paneled as will the lower half of the hallway. Earlier this week we helped Ed cut some of the boards that will serve as the panels (in order to save money, they purchased lumber that still had to be ripped and then cut into tongue and groove panels. The longer boards for panels have to be cut with another saw but it was too heavy to move given few volunteers this week.

The living room and kitchen will be done later (after the New Year's). Then over the next six months (depending on money) the second floor will be done. That will be turned into another bed room and a room for storage etc.

Take a look at the pictures, the place is definitely taking shape.

As mentioned last week via Twitter, the family is sleeping in it now and are very excited to be partially out of their old camper. The plumbing is partially working. The laundry in the back is set up and the main plumbing for bathroom is done, but nothing is yet set up (toilet, shower, etc).

I hope we can get more volunteers! You don;t know what you are missing. It really is a great project and Ed and Donna are some of the nicest people I have met. To work with them has been great.

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