Thursday, December 11, 2008

Volunteers Help Where FEMA Can't

I realize this is not from anywhere near where we will be working, but the idea is largely the same. The video says largely the same thing but in a slightly more interesting format.

Local Volunteers Help Where FEMA Can't:
"'I was about a day away from bull-dozing the place and just giving up on the whole thing,' said Lee Sadberry.

However, Lee didn't give up.....With FEMA saying no to flood victims, they are relying more than ever on the kindness of their neighbors.

'FEMA said they can't help us; the government said that they won't help us. We've got people living on fixed incomes; elderly; disabled; working poor.. that unless we help them.. unless we do this.. they will not get back into their homes,' said Bob Johnson of City Impact.

But more help is needed for these people to rebuild their lives.

'If you can lift a paint brush, or a hammer, carry a board, carry dry wall.. Please come out and help us as we try to get people's lives back together. I mean- this is the season of giving,' said Rev. Jeremiah Heydt, Chair of Wichita Falls Area"

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