Thursday, January 29, 2009

Alumnus joins BonaResponds effort in Texas

The story based on Bill's letter:

Alumnus joins BonaResponds effort in Texas:
"In a recent edition of the alumni newsletter an announcement caught my attention. I had heard of BonaResponds and that they had done disaster relief after storms in Buffalo, Mississippi, and Iowa. It always made me proud to see the service and efforts of the students, faculty, and alumni to help other people. It was a sacrifice, but one that showed what St. Bonaventure is all about.

Now they were looking for volunteers to help with disaster relief in Bridge City, Texas, during the first two weeks of January 2009. I live in Dallas, so if they were coming over 2,000 miles, the least I could do would be to drive 250 miles and try to help out."

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