Saturday, January 31, 2009

BonaResponds paints Family Literacy Center

Well it was a small turnout, but when one of the workers is Pat, you know you are going to get a ton done.

What was the job? Well we really only helped the crew that they already had painting. Jen, Karen, Karie,Sarah, Ashlee, Lisa, and Rachelle had been painting what will be the new Family Literacy Center.

We got a call yesterday and although only Pat came out, we did help them get one room done (they worked on the other two rooms so everything has at least one coat down.

This is from Jen:

"Thank you very much to BonaResponds for helping to
prepare the new Even Start Family Literacy
Center! BonaResponds volunteers, AmeriCorps members, and staff
worked together to paint three classrooms and a hallway
in the new center, which will be opening in two weeks
as the main location for Even Start family literacy
programs. Even Start works with low income and low
literacy families by providing parenting, adult
education, early childhood education, and interactive literacy
activities. Olean's new program focuses on teen
parents and currently has many families with infants and
toddlers. Even Start parents interact with their children
in literacy activities, learn parenting skills, and
improve their own education to earn a GED, go on to
college, and get jobs. Previously located in an
elementary building, the program shared classroom space
with a pre-k class - not an ideal set-up for little ones
and their parents to work together! The new Family
Literacy Center will provide the opportunity for
increased program time in a family-friendly environment
where parents and young children can learn and play
together. Thanks so much!!!"

BTW if you look at Jen's pictures on Flickr the set also has some pictures from this past week in Friendship that I had not seen before.

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