Thursday, January 08, 2009

An email from an Anonymous Bridge City Resident

I just wanted to write and tell you I wept as I read your blog. There is so much destruction here, along with the uncertainties and depression you talked about. It makes me so happy that you guys are here, helping!

My dad is 75 (76 in March) and is doing most of the work at their home alone too. He is strong for his age, but mom isn't able to help him much at all, so he gets tired easy. My brother works 7-12's and comes when he is able, but daddy just keeps on going and he wont let me do anything to help. So it's him and one of our neighbor friends who comes after his job and helps late into the evening to try and put things back together.

[He] is a proud cajun man who won't ask for help much....All the outside help he has had, has been from me just signing him up with groups and them showing up. So I say all this to show you how much everybody truly appreciates you all being here.

It's like this a lot for the older people in our area. They won't ask for help and they try to do it alone. But you guys are AWESOME! And I just wanted to say thank you again. It means so much that yall are here ... more than you know.Thanks!!!!

When we get letters like these, I really have to ask, why doesn't everyone help? It really does not take that much time and you make such a difference. Want to come back with us? Feb 27-March 7. Or go volunteer without us. The Church of Christ Disaster Response team is good, well organized, and very helpful. Give them a call and go volunteer. You will make a big difference!

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