Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday already? Wow..

* Hard to believe it is Friday already. Great week so far! Volunteers are really working hard.

* Today was another very good (and extremely tiring!) day. I am exhausted to this will be short.

* Two teams today.

Cool kids: tree house. Mission accomplished. Flat out difficult and exhausting. Hardest tree I have ever taken down no question about it. Did not damage roof, house, and only mior damage on the deck.

PM: gutted at Jimmy's house. Talk about great construction. Build to withstand any tornado, the flood waters snuck around the construction and did much damage. Joine by Jerry, Steve, and Mike at end.

Potentially cool kids: did an all day house gutting job. Finished a bit early and came to help the cool kids.

* Uploaded more pictures today, including some from Jerry. Up to over 330 now.

* tomorrow: "Mud House" Mudding out a house and then gutting. All volunteers will be working together.

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