Sunday, January 18, 2009

John Zimmer's top twenty list

Well we all are back. But that does not mean we aren;t going through some Texas withdrawal.

John sent the following list of his top memories :
  1. Bridge City , Texas ; “ Building Bridges Together”
  2. Rainbow Bridge doesn’t lead to either Canada or Buffalo
  3. Sunny, warm, and low humidity
  4. You know where you are when you see the water tower with the picture of the cardinal
  5. Church of Christ Disaster Response Team
  6. Mark, Shirley, Sid, and Mitch
  7. Corner of “ E. Texas St. & W. New York St. ” in Orange , Texas
  8. Mountains of debris, refrigerators, stoves, washers
  9. “Two hots and a cot” in the Bridge City, Texas Community Center
  10. Availability of nearly every type of junk food known to man
  11. You’re Mother’s not here, So-o-o-o clean up after yourself
  12. You’ve arrived at the beach when only Ashley loses cellular service
  13. Evening Bonfires, Campfires
  14. Karaoke night at “Brewsky’s”
  15. New York , New York ,” and “On Broadway
  16. “A little bit of chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night, and radio up”
  17. “I thank my God for life, and for the stars and stripes
  18. “Discovery, Community, Individual Worth”
  19. “Seek to enhance quality of life in the world around us”
  20. “Reaching out to the poor, the less fortunate and the disadvantaged”
Thanks John! Great list and as always a great job on the trip.

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