Thursday, January 08, 2009

Quick AM update

* Going to try and mingle the cool and uncool teams today. Both doing doing gutting jobs. The team formerly known as the Uncool kids, did walls yesterday. Today is floors for them. The formerly (and still) cool kids (who amazingly lost in kickball) will begin a new house today.

* Rob made a midnight earplug run to the storage shed for a few girls who could not sleep due to the snoring of a few others.

* Breakfast is a "do it yourself" meal. Choices include cereal, instant oatmeal, fruit, bagels, and the seemingly ubiquitous donuts.

* Weather is to be in the upper sixties and clear.

* Rob mentioned that Sonic is delicious. Steve is partial is WhataBurger but puzzled by the mustard or mayo question on the sixty question test required to order.

* work time!

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