Friday, January 23, 2009

Six fast announcements for Campus Notice Board

The following was submitted to the Campus Notice Board for Friday:

Six fast announcements.

1. The location of the Spring Break trip is still uncertain. It is probably Texas. We are working on it. We'd love more faculty and staff involvement. Plan on coming.

2. The big Local Service Weekend (2 days of work in the local area)is April 24-April 25. We hope to have about 150 volunteers so mark your calendars now.

3. The Second Annual Buffalo service day is March 28th. It will be in conjunction with Villa Maria this year. Plan on coming and bringing your friends! Better yet. If you are from the Buffalo area, get your family involved from home too!

4. On February 23, David Campbell the founder of Handson Disaster Response (The former HandsonUSA) will be on campus. He is an excellent speaker and if you have any interest in Business (he has been CEO of several firms) or volunteering around the world, you should plan on attending. Tentatively scheduled for 12:30 in the Murphy Aud.

5. You can now submit suggested local job for BonaResponds online. For instance, if you see a park that needs cleaning, or fire hydrants that need painting, or have a needy neighbor that needs some help, or if your non profit has a one-time project (painting, landscape work, or whatever) let us know. See

6. The Friendship trip this Sunday is filled. Sorry. There will be more in the very near future.

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