Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Recap

We lost more than half of our remaining volunteers today as I drove a full van to the Houston airport in the AM.

* The volunteers that did stay removed two tubs from one home, then went and finished the Gutting job in Orange that had been started on Wed. Then went to a lawn pickup (I even got to use the homeowner's BRAND NEW, Never Used before, Stihl chainsaw. It was very nice.

It was at this house that possibly my high point for the day occurred.

The job itself was an afterthought. Originally only two of us were going to go look at it and maybe start it. Then a few others decided to go, and soon enough everyone went. What makes this so special is that it has been and physically demanding trip. The volunteers were exhausted. Partially from mere repetition of gut jobs (there is an overabundance of them), partially from a longer trip than usual, and partially from less down time due to better (?) scheduling and more tools than in past trips, they were seemingly out on their feet.

And it was a job they didn't plan on. A job no one planned on. But they went. All of them. ANd when they finished cleaning up around the house, the entire group went inside and removed nails from walls well after the return to camp trip.

Great job volunteers!

* I stopped briefly on the way back from Houston to take some pictures and to buy some RioStarr Grapefruit. Truly is one of my favorite fruits. I had two after dinner today and will no longer have more for breakfast tomorrow.

* On Friday we are working a half day, then plan on going to a local animal park to see Alligators.

More pictures are up here

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