Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday's update

* The day got off to a smelly start when there was a strong smell of sulpher. Then things got worse when, in spite of duct tape, the door of the world's largest refrigerator decided to open for the first time since the flood. Yeah, the smell (and gallons of black liquid) exploded from the door onto the floor, our gloves, and just about everything else.

* Good but not great day today. Some of the volunteers seem burned out and the house was frustrating as much of the structure was damaged beyond repair. Can only tell after gutting it, but gutting it is no fun when you are not confident it can be salvaged. Moreover, the house had undergone several remodels with drywall, on top of paneling and even closets and a room build beneath the original ceiling.

* had two neighbors stop today at our site to say thanks. One made coffee for the volunteers. Also tomorrow the homeowner at the other site is buying them pizza for lunch.

* We all received Red Church of Christ Disaster Response Team shirts today.

* We had paper plate awards tonight. All were funny and some well deserved...lol..(for those of youwho do not know, paper plate awards are funny awards written on paper plates. For instance in the past I have won the "What not to wear award" etc.

* The departures pick up pace tomorrow with Alicia and John leaving. Which means a 4:30AM airport trip. With a stop at both Houston airports.

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