Monday, January 12, 2009

Updates on many things...

* Weather was cool in morning but warmed nicely.

* Judging from the cockroaches, it seems that everything really is bigger in Texas.

* Several local people stopped to say thanks today.

* Interestingly our group of volunteers got at least 4 or 5 times more done today than the paid gutters on a similar house across the street. ed

* Running here is pretty good....Not as good as Newton County Missouri, but much better than in some places we have volunteered: little traffic and some grass running. Wish there were some hills and/or trails. Mike saw a dead alligator on his run the other day; I have seen many live turtles,

* Both teams made great progress today. Jerry's crew of 12 gutted the first four feet of a house (the homeowner did not want the rest done). They were they so interesting that the neighbor pulled out a chair and sat and watched for hours. The house was a former mill with 14 foot high ceilings so everyone was sort of relieved that they did not have to do the entire house.

This owner approached us a few days ago and asked us if we could do his house. Pete scouted it, and only a few days later he was rushed to the top of the list.

My crew of 7 volunteers gutted a double-wide that had been remodeled in 2002. It was interesting in that there was drywall over paneling throughout much of the house. There was a great deal to haul out, but as far as gut jobs go, this was about as easy as they come. As mentioned on Twitter, it is amazing the difference from the previous house (as well built as any I had ever gutted, to a prefabricated one.

* Have spent quite a bit of time on pictures today. Have some from Rob, Bill, Jerry, and Alicia uploaded. More to come.

* Bill made it back to Dallas. What a great guy. I speak for all of BonaResponds when I say I hope he comes on many many more trips!

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