Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wednesday Morning Update

Sunny and cool in Bridge City. Two Crews going out gutting. One crew (who we have nicknamed the Cool Kids) is also unloading a semi of food and supplies before going to the job. The other crew ("The not so cool kids") is beginning to gut a new house.

As I am the leader of the "Cool Kids" crew (or at least their driver) I have a few minutes to give updates on other things.

* BonaResponds has taken the lead in recycling here. While it may not be an enormous step, we are paying $30 to have a group come and collect plastic bottles from camp. Given that we go through much plastic, this will be a good step and shows the importance of reducing and recycling. It should be noted that this was a student led initiative that is being organized by Bridget Steele.

* The response from the homeowners has been remarkable. Even after only one day. At one site yesterday the homeowner seemed quite depressed when we got there. By the end of the day he was talking with us and seemed much happier.

At the other house, we met Barney. Barney is an elderly gentleman who has been gutting his house largely alone with his wife (who gets around in in an electric wheelchair). The volunteers finished gutting the ceilings and also delivered a washer and Dryer from the Church of Christ. If the story ended there it would be remarkable. But it is the second time he has had to gut his house in 3 years!

In fact he said at least a few of the rooms went very quickly since they had not be reconstructed yet after Hurricane Rita had hit the area in 2005. And in spite of this, he was as upbeat as anyone: cracking jokes, walking around talking to everyone and get being as happy as could be. In fact he was so excited by the work the "Un Cool Kids" did, he came by the camp to thank everyone.

* Spoke with Bill Driscoll Sr. and Donna back in Friendship. Drywall work is going very well there. In fact Bill said he thinks they may leave a day earlier than anticipated because of the progress. The ceilings in the big room are almost done. Depending on how much gets done in next few weeks, look for more work days to paint and finish the first weekend back to class.

* still need to get the shirts. Michelle if you are reading this please give me a call.

more later. Battery is dying and I have to get to work.

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