Wednesday, February 04, 2009

An 80 year old living in his car because he has no heat

Spoke again with the Dept of Aging. Here is the story on the one job we have this Saturday. An eighty year old has let his house go. It is pretty much a total mess.

He has no heat. When asked how he is living given the terribly cold temperatures we have had this winter I was told that on cold nights he goes into his car and sleeps there because he can have some heat.

This is a job we have to do. No way we can pass this up. I could not live with myself if we passed it up and then he dies due to the cold.

If you can help, we are going to his house starting at about 9:45 on Saturday morning.

Dress to be outside. Wear gloves and boots. I do not know exactly what we will be doing but we can't do nothing.

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Luanne Lane said...

so whatever happened with this man? Were you all able to help him? Just curious.