Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bob's Poem

One day in March I met a group, they came from
St. Bonaventure was their home, their motto, “Yes We Can”.

They were a young and lively group, just doing a good deed,
The purpose of their trip was clear, some people were in need.

Some students slept in sleeping bags, a few slept on the floor,
And even though the work was hard, they said, “We can do more”.

“Bona Responds” was on the ground, both boys and girls alike,
The hurricane we all recall, its name was simply Ike.

A lot of people needed help, and help was hard to get,
And so the students came to help, people they never met.

When Ike left town it left a mess, with water everywhere,
In every house and every room, it even fouled the air.

They cleaned up trash along the road, for more than several miles,
The natives thanked them one and all, with words and food and smiles.

They tore down homes whose days were done, fixed up many others,
A privilege to know them all, future dads and mothers.

The kids went home late in the week, they wanted no applause,
When asked, “Why did you give so much”?, they answered “just because”.

And so a toast to all involved, “Galveston’s Adventure”,
The team who came to render aid, from St. Bonaventure.

Bob McGrath
Class of 1950
The proud winner of the “Bad A” paper plate award
Galveston, Texas 2009

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