Saturday, March 14, 2009

From the BV: Bona's responds to Ike's aftermath - Features

Good article from the BV on our trip to Galveston.

Bona's responds to Ike's aftermath - Features

Some highlights:
"BonaResponds spent Feb. 27 to March 7 cleaning two miles of road, hanging drywall, wrapping and insulating houses, rough wiring (doing preliminary electrical work before electricians come in) and gutting homes, which includes knocking water-damaged walls down in order to put new ones up.

The group flew into Houston, stayed in a Galveston church and slept in sleeping bags or on cots."
"The work ethic of the students, especially the women, impressed Hammond.

"The girls worked as hard, if not harder, than the guys, and let me tell you this was hard, dirty work," Hammond wrote. "We're talking nail guns, circular saws, jack hammers and saber saws. The girls were not shy at all about using these power tools and got to be quite good. I think I witnessed some pent-up aggression with these girls using the power tools."

Overall, the dedication of students, alumni and leaders provided a significant contribution in the cleanup process."

Read the whole thing here.

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