Friday, March 20, 2009

The most important thing BonaResponds often brings...

The most important thing that BonaResponds often brings to a disaster is not a chain saw, shovel, or wrecking bar. It is hope.

Of sure we cut trees. We gut homes. We haul debris. We help rebuild. But put all of that aside. Often just being there is the most important thing we do. It reminds those affected by the disaster that others care, that they will recover, that they have a reason to go on.

That hope is needed in Friendship. I spoke with Donna again this week and she said that Ed is getting down due to his health issues. So much so that he does not want to have the surgery that is needed. In a phrase, he is giving up.

She thought (and I agree) that us being around would pick up his mood. Ed did not get hit by Katrina, nor Ike, nor a flood, tornado, or ice storm. But his health issues are no less a cause of suffering.

So even though we had already agreed to send some volunteers to the Mountain this Saturday, we will also be sending some to help Ed and Donna.

What does this mean to you? We need more volunteers. Come volunteer and bring a friend.

With next Saturday being Buffalo Day, and then later next month (April 24-26) being our 3 day Local Service Weekend, I know we ask for volunteers a great deal. But this one is needed and I think we can really make a big impact, even if in only one person.

We will leave Murphy at about 9:30 AM.

(and a side note to Steve, if you come, I will buy you some more Hannah Montana stuff)

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