Thursday, April 30, 2009

BV article on Bill Hammond :)

Alumnus gives back - Features:
"'I had not really been connected with the university,' Hammond, who works as an insurance consultant in Dallas, said. 'I figured if they were going to come 2,000 miles the least I could do would be to drive 200 miles.'

Hammond admitted he had reservations at first.

'I was not sure the work was something I could do,' he said. 'I didn't know if students would relate to a 65-year-old man.'

....Despite his fears, Hammond had such a positive experience he decided to attend another BonaResponds trip in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike."
and then later:
""He shows the ability to do good works doesn't end when you leave Bona's,".... "They call it 'commencement' for a reason. It's a beginning."

The lesson is especially important for those about to graduate, Mahar said.

"Seniors always tell me they feel sad when it's the last time they get to do something," he said. "They realize they can come back to BonaResponds. It helps them keep contact with friends, the university and doing good."

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