Thursday, April 23, 2009

BV article on BonaResponds

Bona's spirit of service continues - Features:
"... the group's popularity results from volunteers' ability to see the difference they make.

'These are jobs that generally do not get done if not for us doing them, whether it's putting people back on their feet after a storm or replacing a house that's been burnt down,' he said....
and later:
"I didn't know anything about construction," [Rob Ryer] said. "Now I can build anything. It's an amazing learning experience."

Ryer said the group makes a meaningful impact....

Steve Gearhart..."There is something about volunteer work that makes you feel good about yourself,"
and then my favorite quote...
"Give it a try," he [Mahar] said. "When I was a student, I wouldn't have gone if I thought we would have to sing 'Kumbaya' afterwards."" [What was left out was, you won't have to sing!]
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