Monday, April 27, 2009

A thank you from this weekend's service work

I received the following email that really brightened my day. I hope it does your's too :)

"I cannot begin to tell you what a joy it was to have the assistance of the Bona Responds team yesterday! So much has been written about the team and its efforts to meet the needs in various communities, but I have never witnessed the program first hand. Your volunteers reported with smiles on their faces and an enthusiasm that was contagious. We had a mix of parents, community members, and staff members who worked along side your team.

All of your responders were very engaged. They took the initiative and truly worked the entire time they were here. I am sure that your team did what would have take our workers countless hours, even days to accomplish on their own. I was so impressed with one responder who asked a crew leader for the "toughest, dirtiest, worst job that no one else will want" and was so excited to get it.

In just hours, your team helped our crew to complete the following:

stain an entire wooden play ground (back yard)
construct a new piece of playground equipment ( needed post holes, concrete, leveling, etc.) (backyard)
rake the lawn and flower beds/pick up debris (side and back yard)
stain landscape timbers (front yard)l
cut, stain, and install new landscape timbers for a monument (front yard)
complete the prep work for the installation of a new sidewalk to the playground (front yard)
stain and install landscape timbers around the playground - raising it 1 level (front yard)
wash front windows on the main level, and walls in the gym
various prep work for walls to be painted on the second floor
tape and paint and stairwells to the second floor

The workers on our grounds received a great deal of attention as people drove/walled by. I was thrilled that one of our neighbors walked over to check things out. In doing so, she was greeted by your groups' kindness. She praised their efforts and thanked everyone for making our school a better place, making her neighborhood look better, and for caring our community in general. She even walked back home, got her broom and rake, and joined in the work. It was her pleasure to buy the crew a pizza as a way to say thanks!

Please know that I feel that your work is a true ministry. I was touched by your generosity with your time and talents, and grateful that our district would be the receiver of the benefits of your labor.

On behalf of the entire IJN community - THANK YOU - for giving, not just to our school district and neighborhood, but to so many others around the area.

With sincere appreciation,


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