Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank you for Olean Street clean up

Was just sent the following which was also sent to the local paper (Olean Times Herald) from Mimi

April 28, 2009

I want to thank BonaResponds for helping me on Sunday, April 26. A few weeks ago I emailed [BonaResponds] at St. Bonaventure to ask [for a few volunteers] to help me pick up all the trash along the Dugan and Windfall Roads. I have voluntarily maintained these roads for several years and would welcome any help for the initial spring cleanup as it’s a huge job.

I was overwhelmed when 15 students pulled up in three vehicles and jumped out of their cars ready to help me. Together we filled 18, 42- gallon trash bags! The volunteers were cheerful and worked right along with me. What a godsend.

A huge “Thank You” to Jim Mahar for arranging for the volunteers. I am very grateful. The volunteers were:

Bill Hammond Kristen Burke

Alicia D’Alessandro Corey Fahy

Andy Scroger Steve Gearhart

Andrew Serrato Ariel White

Patrick O’Connell Zak Domes

Dan Eichenauer Jarrad Enslow

Jason Leroy Jack Fuller

Michelle Canfield


Thank you very much.

Mimi Smith

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