Thursday, April 23, 2009

This weekend! come volunteer see

The Spring 2009 BonaResponds Local Service Weekend is almost here! about 20 jobs sites in and around the area. From Allegany to Friendship, Portville to Randolph. And from Mount Ireanous to Olean, from campus to Carrolton we have work!

Want to know the work? Putting in a new fence, cleaning up debris, cutting downed trees, helping with a roof, painting an elementary school, helping out at the SPCA, trail work at the Pfeiffer Nature Center, helping at a local church, several street clean ups, painting fire hydrants and street signs, and much much more.

Why volunteer? You can make a positive difference in the world, you can meet new friends, you can get LAP hours, you can learn new skills. You can have fun! Note, that while we are helping others, it is far from a sacrifice: ask the volunteers, they will tell you. You get out as much if not more than you put in!

This is our first local three day event. So we need many volunteers.

Friday we still need volunteers from 4 to 7.
Saturday we have positions all day from 10:30 to 4:30
and Sunday from 11-5:00.

We will be having a free BBQ after Sat and Sunday's work days for all volunteers.

Lunch will be provided.

Please come dressed to work. Ideally you have work gloves. If you want to work on a tree team, trail team, or construction crew I recommend jeans. And the weather is supposed to be nice, so don't forget sunblock.

And a special note to people with cars. We still need drivers! And if anyone wants to help cook for the BBQ it would be greatly appreciated!

Also bring cameras, we love pictures! Will be putting together a slide show/video to play for Sunday's closing ceremonies.

To find out more and to volunteer please see our website:

Remember BonaResponds is open to everyone. And while we would love you to sign up, we would even more like you to volunteer. So if for some reason you do not sign up now, still please do come. (but signing up does make our lives much easier :) ) So sign up now! Please?

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