Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1 Year After Record Flood : NPR

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1 Year After Record Flood : NPR:
"'We had 8 foot of water in the building,' said flower shop owner Al Pierson. He's 6-foot-3 and stretches up to show how high the water rose in his shop in the northwest section of the city. It is a mostly working-class neighborhood across the river from downtown. It's full of older houses, many of which are boarded up or hollowed out.

That community, and the adjacent Czech Village neighborhood to the south, were the hardest hit by the floodwaters.

'We lost everything,' Pierson said. 'Everything in here looked like a bomb went off.'"

This is the area that we worked with HODR. Thanks @HODRopsUSA


Shanice said...

You should contact the bizymoms cedar-rapids community to get your blog featured to their large mom community. I am sure they would love to read your posts.

There is a form on their expert page, </a

aha moments said...

There are some truly amazing stories out there. And the one Don sent us a while back has stuck with me since I first saw it.
Don's story is heartwarming to say the least, as he talks about his family's experience in the flooding and how they came out of it w/ a renewed sense of what's really important in life.
I hope you get as much out of it as I do. Thanks.