Monday, August 10, 2009

BonaResponds Gowanda includes sign up form

BonaResponds will be helping in Gowanda. A small crew will go over for the Day on Friday. Then another crew (canbe the same people) will be there Saturday and Sunday helping the area recover from storm damage.

Work will include hauling debris to the curb, cleaning out basements, cutting up downed trees, cleaning out and gutting homes, shoveling mud.

Open to all.

Sign up here:

at (within the hour this should be fixed) or email

Free. Bring a Lunch for Friday. Leaving SBU at 10, back by 7:00.
Saturday: leaving 10AM, returning 6pm on Sunday. Meals will be provided on Sat and Sunday.

While simple meals provided. Might want to bring granola bars etc.

We need drivers.
We are accepting food donations.

Will also accept money.

Bring work clothes, gloves, sleeping bags, water bottle.

if you are going to work with us you must fill out the waiver form on the main site.
many more details will follow in next few days. This is JUST evolving as I type.

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