Friday, August 14, 2009

Where we are meeting and Open letter to volunteer

Here is a map of Gowanda and the elementary school

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Just a reminder to everyone that BonaResponds will be in Gowanda today through Sunday and could really use some help.

I realize it is one of the last summer weekends but there is a great deal of work and these really are our neighbors and in many cases classmates.

Walking the streets in Gowanda I was regularly meeting SBU alumni and families that were in need of help from the flooding.

And being there really does make a difference. one small quote from a Jamestown Street woman we spoke with earlier this week:

"My basement is waiting the arrival of the St. Bona Group on Sunday....
Since talking with you and your team, I have built confidence that my
basement will once again be restored......thanks
to a dedicated team of professionals from St. Bona'"

So, even if you can only spare a few hours. Gowanda is close and centrally located between Olean, Buffalo, Jamestown, and even Erie.

There is a place to sleep if you want to stay the nights. Food will be provided.

Leaving SBU (from Murphy)

Friday 10:00
Saturday 10:00

meet in Gowanda at the Aldrich Elementary school just down from the Fire Dept
Friday 11:30
Sat 11:30
Sunday 9:30

There is MUCH more info plus sign ups forms, waivers, and a whole series of videos etc at our blog ( and website:

I really hope some of you can make it out. After seeing the videos I am pretty sure you will realize the damage is great and the need is high.

Hope to see many of you this weekend.



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