Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nice comment from a Gowanda resident!

The Bona Venture:
"I have to say I was truly touched to know that Bonaventure students came and helped the day after the flood and are continuing to help. I saw 2 'BonaResponds' signs out in front of houses when I was walking down the street and my heart was so happy. I am a 2004 graduate of Bona's and am now a Special Education Teacher in the Gowanda Central School District. It makes me tear-up a little...Seeing Bonavenure continuing to help rebuilding and helping fix basements is heartwarming, because many, many, many people are going to need help well into the fall to prepare there home for the winter. I hate seeing houses empty and wish those people could move back in, but when the foundation of your home moved .... Thank You Bonaventure, Thank You Thank You Thank You - Grace"
From a comment left on the BV website!

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