Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Want to be interviewed about a BonaResponds memory?

I was asked to post this, but confess it sounds sort of cool. IF you do it, tape a copy yourself and we can post it here too!

Will You Tell YOUR SBU Story?

Do you have a story or a great memory about SBU? Would you be willing to be interviewed by a student from the Class of 2013? This year’s All Bonaventure Reads book is Listening Is an Act of Love, a compilation of stories from NPR’s StoryCorps project. In UNIV 101 this fall, all freshmen are required to interview someone “connected” to SBU – a (current or former) faculty, staff or administration member , an alum, someone whose life has been touched by SBU or someone from the community with an SBU connection, an SBU parent…. Really anyone with an SBU connection. We are building an archive of SBU Stories.

We want to give our freshmen the opportunity to hear about SBU from many voices -- and we hope yours will be one of them! Your story can be about how your experiences at SBU helped to impact your career, or you could just talk about your favorite memories as a Bonnie.

Are you willing to be interviewed by an SBU freshman? If so, please sign up at and we will make your name available to our students!

Please share this sign-up link with others who have a story to tell.

Thanks for helping the Class of 2013…and thanks for being a part of the SBU oral history project!

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