Thursday, October 01, 2009

Flat Brownies

Got an amazingly nice letter in the mail today:

"I stopped by the Park and get boxes of brownies for Livestrong Weekend. I followed the directions to a "T". Two boxes--one for myself, and one for the bake sale. Without burning even a corner mine were a success!

I cut the brownies in the pan into inch squares.....they were gone in no time as chocolate is a weakness.

I am sending the brownies for the bake sale flattened. How else could they travel from Gowanda to Olean?"

Included in the envelope was a picture of brownies and a donation of $100.

"On a more serious note please add this to the bake sale monies for the Livestrong Weekend. I'll continue to follow your "projects".

What an unbelievable group of dedicated people that serve those in need-real need.

(her address) stands proud only because of BonaResponds."

No, thank you. Your kind words made my day!

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