Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BonaResponds Machias (the Eisenhardt project)

First the important stuff:

BonaResponds is going back to Machias. This Saturday and Sunday.


We will be again helping the Christian Youth Corps on their "Eisenhardt project." Dalton and Wyatt Eisenhardt have a rare (and serious) genetic problem (the transmutation of chromosomes). Due to medical expenses (for instance they need nursing care around the clock), the family could not afford a house and were renting a house that needed much work. After examining the case, the CYC decided it was better to build a new house than to repair the existing dwelling. So on October 14th, they broke ground. With help and donations from throughout the area, the progress has been amazing and it is hoped to have the family in their NEW house by Christmas.

The American Legion, Christian Youth Corps, and many many many others are but some those tht have gotten together to build them a new house on the grounds of the First Christian Church in "downtown" Machias. BonaResponds was fortunate to be allowed to help and our workday last Sunday was great (pictures, video).

It was such good work that we are going back this weekend. Both days we will leave at 10:00 AM from behind Murphy Building on the SBU campus.

Other things:

Here is the Buffalo News Article on the family.

Here is the link to the Christian Youth Corps. It was our first time working with the Christian Youth Corps and it was GREAT. Amazing well organized and have volunteers from all walks of life helping. GREAT GREAT GREAT. Hope we get to work with them many times in the future. Pete, you are doing great work! BTW here are some of their YouTube videos.

Our announcement that will be on the SBU Notice-Board

BonaResponds Machias

The great success of last week's trip to Machias means we are going back. The main crew will leave 10:00 Sunday from the back of Murphy. We will return about 4pm. Due to high demand, we will also be taking a group on Saturday at 10:00 (same time and place). You can attend either or both days. You will have fun. You will make a huge difference in the lives of Dalton and Wyatt both of whose smiles you will never forget.
for more information (including videos and pictures of last weekend's work day) see the BonaResponds blog at http://BonaResponds.blogspot.com

If you know when and if you are coming, please email BonaResponds@sbu.edu so we can have an idea on food and work schedules.


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