Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mike's "reflection piece"

We have asked many volunteers (indeed anyone can write, just email us), what BonaResponds means to them. Here is one from Mike English, who has volunteered with us countless times both locally and in Iowa. He is now an Americorps volunteer who helps organize BonaResponds as well. (He is a Junior Finance Major)

Reflection by Michael English

My first experience with BonaResponds was during the first semester of my freshmen year during a local day’s event. I had to go to a volunteer service for my freshmen 101 class and decided that this would be the best opportunity to satisfy the requirement for the class. Initially going into the program for the class I had absolutely no expectations to continuing participating with BonaResponds.

During the volunteering I actually enjoyed doing the work that I was doing, not because I was doing something somewhat fun but I became overwhelmed with a feeling of “goodness” that could have made performing the most boring and tedious task enjoyable. I realized that there is a need for people to help others. I honestly cannot describe the feeling that happens after you help a complete stranger in need, all I can say is that I challenge someone to help someone in need and not feel good about helping them at the end of the day.

I feel as though BonaResponds has provided me with a new opportunity to expand myself as a better person in our community. If it were not for the program I don’t think that I would have quite the same outlook on community service, selflessness, and volunteering. What used to be an idea that never crossed my mind has now become a priority to me. I believe that it is programs like BonaResponds that truly make us EXTRAORDIRNARY."

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