Thursday, December 03, 2009

Signup form for this Saturday's Service Day

While we will accept you even if you do not register in advance, it really makes life easier if you do sign up.

Here is what was sent to the Notice-Board.

BonaResponds this weekend!

BonaResponds will be working this Saturday. We have work to finish in Friendship and in Machias. Friendship work will be painting, varnishing, and putting in the final flooring. There is also work for a few volunteers in Machias on Saturday (maybe more on Sunday).

We will leave from the Murphy Parking lot at 10:00AM. We will be back before dark. Food will be provided. Dress for inside and outside work.

Additionally, we will be making an announcement on Winter Break by Monday of next week. Frequent volunteers will get priority in going on the trip which will likely be limited.

For more information (and to keep current about Sunday) please see our website ( and follow us on Twitter

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