Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Afternoon update from Pat

"We are still holding our own against the number of the patients. Mainly seeing orthopedic and infected wounds. Need more Splinting supplies and there is a big need for crutches and walkers for the injured and those with amputations.

A group from Democracy Now media outlet has been with us and been filming and reporting back to USA. (sort of NPR like). Anyhow they are talking about doing story about how well the grass roots groups are doing vs the government support ones. An example is how we came ready with sedation meds (thanks for the ketamine Lara) and the correct equipment to do amputations while other places are doing civil war period medicine.

Some side stories and comments. Most people are still living in tents out of concern for their home/buildings that are still standing out of fear structural issues. That is also the issue with our building so we are sleeping in yard.

We have dug new pit toilets for the people in the area as we want everyone to poop in same area as we are starting to some diarrhea so we put toilets away from things in hopes of stopping spread. One of the people from Atlanta here has all the kids singing songs about pooping and peeing in the right place and washing their hands. They really bought in to it and it lead to dancing and laughing by everyone. We have also started to hear that there are hospitals getting supplies and orthopedic surgeons so we have transferred a few out. "

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