Saturday, January 23, 2010

Assorted Haitian Topics

First Pat and the Denver Crew are back in the USA. We will have an interview with him soon (I hope).

Update on Security:

“The security situation here in Haiti remains relatively calm,” Army Maj. Gen. Daniel Allyn, the second in command of U.S. operations in Haiti, told Pentagon reporters today. “Distribution points remain orderly throughout our humanitarian assistance efforts, and feedback from the people of Haiti has been positive.”...Allyn today emphasized the ongoing potential for violence.

....Such instability sometimes is caused by people who need food, water or other life-sustaining support, Allyn said, and some instability is created by criminal activity. Haitian prisons collapsed in the earthquake, he noted, allowing inmates back into the populace.

The general cited progress among the decimated ranks of Haitian police, which was reduced to a 500-strong force in the quake’s immediate aftermath, but has since quadrupled, with 2,000 police reporting for duty last night."

and finally the bad news

"The death toll from Haiti's January 12th earthquake has now been confirmed by government officials to be over 111,000.

This as the Haitian government terminates the search for survivors.

A further 193,000 are confirmed wounded, and well over 600,000 have been forced into temporary shelters."

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