Sunday, January 24, 2010

Couple of quick updates on groups from WNY

Tonight is the priemer of the Buffalo Extreme Homemakover....congrats to Villa Volunteers and WNY Americorps who did such a great job on it!!

Also a Big GREAT JOB! to CYC who will be having a press conference in Dayton Ohio tomorrow to announce their new job:

"Ronnie and Donnie Galyon are two very special individuals. When they were born, doctors gave them only a few months to live. That is because the Galyon twins were born conjoined from the sternum through the abdomen, unable to be separated. Now, 58 years later, their entire life has revolved around accommodating one another. Whether to stand or to sit, to walk or to sleep, the boys permanently face each other, and must work together in every aspect of their lives. Up until recently, they have become fairly independent. In fact, for many years, the boys provided for their family by traveling across the Americas with a carnival. But since they retired, their health and physical wellness has declined to such a degree that it is too difficult for them to safely remain in their own private home. "

From what I hear Good Morning America and The Ellen Degeneres show have already contacted them.

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