Thursday, January 21, 2010

Late night update from Pat--good news!

"...things are getting a bit better everyday as communication btw different field hospitals and hospitals that can provide a higher level of care have improved and it is getting easier to get supplies. When we first arrived here we were completely dependent on the few supplies that were brought by the first team to arrive here from Atlanta (Jim Barb and Mark) and what we brought from Denver. we actually were able to send one of our team members (Boyd) to WHO supply depot to get us a truck load of supplies. Then this evening someone from Save the Children charity came to us and asked what medicines and supplies we needed and said the would return tomorrow with them. This will be great as we would not need to tie up a vehicle and people to go get the supplies.

Since we have been able to get our field hospital under control we have decided to breakout into two teams with one staying at home base and the other going to the areas not receiving any significant care. We decided what we can easily care for by mobile team (simple wounds and splints) vs what needs to be transported back to our field hospital to either get treated or sent to higher level of care.

Thanks to everyone wanting to donate money and help cover our cost. I will email when I get back how to make sure it goes to right people and is tied to our team.

Getting late so I have attached few pictures.

I will end by saying everyday I am absolutely amazed by our team not only are we working well together and still finding ways to have fun, but also never in my life have I met a louder group of snorers. It is amazing and tonight my tentmate (Sam) has decided to join in.

Good night. Going for AM jog with one of the people from Atlanta as a mental health time at 5:30.

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