Monday, January 18, 2010

Meeting this Friday.

BonaResponds Spring 2010 meeting Friday 12:30
The following was just sent to the Notice-Board.

Spring 2010 promises to be the biggest BonaResponds Semester ever. Yes you read that correctly. Bigger than after Katrina. Bigger than last semester when we worked for so long after Gowanda. We have many events planned and need your help!

We will be having our first ever International Service Day, fundraisers for Haiti, possible trips to Haiti, a spring break trip, many local events, and a three day spring service weekend. And of course local events helping the community after fires, snow storms, and the like.

With so many things going on it is important to get involved from the start.

Come attend our first meeting of the spring semester at 12:30 on Friday (January 22) in Murphy 105.

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