Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Next Big Thing: help us feed 280,000 in Haiti?

For our next "Big thing" we want to feed 280,000 people in Haiti.

Stop and think about that. It is over a quarter of a million people or it is 70,000 (roughly the size of a crowd at Wilson Stadium for a Bills game) for four meals.

To feed that many people we need your help in several ways.

First monetarily. We need to raise $60,000 above and beyond what Friday's bootdrive raises. That is more than we have ever raised before. We can not do it alone. Just can not. Impossible alone, but do-able with your help.

Secondly, we will need volunteers to help put the meals together and to pack them for shipment. The tentative date for this is March 27th as part of our International Service Day.

We are going to model our program after one that sent the the same number to the slums in Kenya earlier this year from volunteers in Minnesota.

Their estimates are that we will need to raise $60,000 and need to get about 400-600 volunteers. I have no doubt we can do it. NONE. Indeed, I am tempted to say let's play two and serve a half million, but money is too tight to say that, YET ;)

Think of this as a chance to literally keep people alive. 280,000 meals. For people who have lost everything, this will be enormous. Indeed, it may be live saving.

Ok, now some details. We have not cleared this with anyone at SBU and the rules have been made very well known that they have to clear everything we do that involved money, so for now we will be running it through the Rangers (formerly Randy's Rangers) or Villa Maria or maybe even starting a new 501-3c. (yeah don't ask)

That said, whoever "we" are, we'd love your help. Your school, your church, your team, your work place. We will need MUCH help in raising this much money. Want to get involved? Email us at BonaResponds@SBU.edu.

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