Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pat on the way to Haiti

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Pat Mahar is going to Haiti as part of a relief mission from the Denver Childrens Hospital. He is an emergency room pediatrician and will be working in a hospital unit set up in a tent on a soccer field.

From | Denver | Colorado's Online News Leader | Local medical workers prepare for Haiti:
"They are taking supplies donated by Children's Hospital.

Volunteers spent Friday night taking inventory and loading up supplies.

They say that despite all of the news coverage, there are still a lot of unknowns."

In addition to this work, he will be scouting out ways that BonaResponds can help in Haiti.

Update (7:30 PM Jan 16). Spoke with Pat. He was just heading to a meeting to go over last minute details of the trip. Someone donated a satellite phone but it is for emergencies only.

They are trying to take as much food as possible: powerbars, peanut butter, and anything else they can. Also old tents as they are asked to leave them there for future volunteers and local residents.

Medically they are taking as many medical supplies as they can. Including anesthesia (currently there are reports of amputations being done w/ nothing more than local anesthesia).

There will be a blog on the Denver Children's Hospital Website that will be updated as often as possible. Also if anyone at Verizon is reading this, several of them would like to convert their phones to international, but it says they must speak with someone at Verizon and no one is working now. If you can make that happen, it would be greatly appreciated!

He also said thank you for all the well wishes and prayers.

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