Sunday, January 24, 2010

Press release from the Denver Childrens Hospital Haitan Relief team

Without any edit:

"January 23, 2010 (DENVER) - Four physicians and two emergency medicine nurses from The Children's Hospital who volunteered their time to help with medical relief efforts in Haiti arrived home today. They were among a group of eleven medical personnel from Colorado who spent nearly a week providing medical assistance in Port-au-Prince.

The team arrived home in Denver today and would like to issue the following statement:

We are happy to be home. It has been a privilege to serve.

We will be forever bonded with this team and our friends in Haiti. We have a tremendous amount of love and respect for the people we helped.

We drove all over Port-au-Prince and walked in tent cities. The destruction and personal stories of tragedy are overwhelming, but we did not see widespread violence or massive riots. We saw, over and over again, the tremendous spirit of the Haitian people. They helped each other and they watched out for us.

They have endured unbelievable things, yet we heard laughter and singing. We don't need to generate hope for Haiti; they already have hope.

We need to continue to provide them help in order to make their hope a reality. Please don't forget about Haiti six months from now, or a year from now. The spotlight will go away, but these beautiful people will continue to endure. Thank you.


Jennifer Bruny, MD, The Children's Hospital, The University of Colorado
Betsy Folkerth, Physical Therapist, Body Fusion, Gunnison Colorado

Pat Mahar, MD, The Children's Hospital, The University of Colorado
Emily Muggli, RN, The Children's Hospital
Eric Tham, MD, The Children's Hospital, The University of Colorado
Misty Vivian, RN, The Children's Hospital
Sam Wang, MD, The Children's Hospital, The University of Colorado

Greg Winslow, EMT, Crested Butte Fire Department (retired)

Mark Winslow, DO, Rocky Mountain Osteopathic Medicine

Kathlene Mondanaro, RN,PhD, Metropolitan State College of Denver

Boyd Loehr, RN, Flight for Life Colorado

To learn more about their week in Haiti, visit their blog:"

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