Thursday, January 21, 2010

Update from Charlotte on International Service Day

When we started planning Charlotte said they would be the biggest and they are well on their way! Mark Evers is doing a great job as the point person down there. Here is part of an email from him I just got:
"We have done a lot of work and I think we're in pretty good shape. We have hooked up with the Charlotte Parks and Rec. They have 4 different area parks where we will be doing a lot of clean up and landscaping. We are in the process of setting up breakfast and a small reception after. It's looking more like 100 than the 75 I initially thought."

Remember here is the International Service Day Page.

Don't know what the day is? Here you go:

"The basic idea of the day is that when everyone does a little, a lot gets done and that we all have the ability to help in some small way. It is a great excuse for alumni to get together, for friends or companies to help, and spend time with each other. But it is equally good if you want to work alone.

Call up a local charity and ask them if they need help, volunteer at your church, your neighborhood school, soup kitchen, or even just help a neighbor. There are hundreds of people who need a helping hand in your community. For one day at least, be that helping hand.

We are going to try to get various countries and cities involved. Have a group in Western China, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Belize, we will have Haiti), plus about 20-25 US cities so far. We working on several others including Chile, Indonesia, Syria, Zambia, and even (long shot) Afghanistan.

Imagine tracking Santa. In a way that is the mental image I sometimes have of this. We will be tracking good deeds around the world. As Indonesia quits work, Ethiopia will pick up, as Ethiopia quits, another country will come online. For one day at least it will show how everyone is connected and that we all can contribute no matter where we are, or no matter who we are. "

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