Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update from Pat--Wednesday Evening

From Pat:
"Hello all. Time for your daily update. First off we are all well. We are tired.... At times overwhelmed at times and still in good spirits.

We finding new areas that have not received any real medical care. These areas are true shanty tent cities with nothing. People are drinking and urinating in same water that is full of garbage. There is going to be a real infection problem and this will lead to even more deaths. This country still needs lots of long-term help.

Now on to our team. The earthquake this morning was a new experience and a interesting way to wake up. I will once again stress to everyone that we are sleeping outside in tents and no buildings that could come down on us.

The reaction of the locals in the tent city that is growing in the soccer field that is also our field hospital.... I'll draw out our set up when we get back. We were joined by three physicians from Atlanta. Hopefully they will be staying for a while after we leave.

Supplies are coming in much easier. Communications btw all the different field hospitals and the different country's higher level of care.

While there are many Americans here, we have yet to see/meet/hear about any Americans were brought in by government or military. Of course they have military with guns surrounding the hospital.

We continue to have unbelievably bad wound infections and lots of orthopedic issues.

I left compound today to take basaliar skull fracture across city of Port-au-Prince and this was a real adventure to see the destruction.

Sorry I am really tired and do not have energy for more typing on blackberry device"

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