Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Crazy Car wash for Haiti

It's February in Western New York. It is cold. It is snowy. So what better time and place to have a car wash?

Why go to these extremes? Because the people of Haiti cannot wait until it warms up. Or until it is convenient for us to help. They need our help now. And you can help by either volunteering and/or getting the salt off of your car.

BonaResponds will be working with Living-Waters Church to host a car wash to help Haiti. So let's get out and make the difference.

From 10AM to 4PM on Saturday at the Living-Waters church (on State Street between Verizon and Tim Hortons) we will be washing cars. The car wash is free but donations are encouraged (and remember it is going to be cold so dress warm!!)

To volunteer or for more information email Rob Ryer (RYERRM @

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